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Beyond Poverty and Affluence
Toward an Economy of Care, with a Twelve-Step Program for Economic Recovery
POD; Published: 11/17/1994
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0827-1
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160 Pages
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Beyond Poverty and Affluence makes an urgent appeal for a bold new economic practice. In the face of distressing societal realities — poverty, pollution and environmental degradation, ongoing losses in both the quantity and the quality of work — eminent Dutch economists Bob Goudzwaard and Harry de Lange argue that the foundations of our local, national, and international economic order need renewal, and they provide a provocative twelve-step program for economic recovery based on an "economy of care" for the earth and its people.
John R. Evans
—Head of the Rockefeller Foundation
"A challenge to all segments of society to join in creating an ethos of inclusion, a culture of 'enough,' and a commitment to stewardship that gives priority to the needs of all people, of this generation and those that follow."
Herman E. Daly
—Senior Economist, Environment Department, The World Bank
"Bob Goudzwaard and Harry de Lange explain with scholarly insight and prophetic urgency how our economy resists the very idea of enough and how, by that resistance, it destroys the biophysical and social basis for future abundance. They go on to offer twelve concrete proposals for a caring economy of abundance. Americans have a lot to learn from these two Dutch economists."
Nicholas Wolterstorff
—Yale University
"An illuminating description of the paradoxes surrounding poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation in modern society, a persuasive argument for the conclusion that our commitment to economic growth makes these paradoxes unavoidable, and a compelling argument for commitment to an economy of care as the only road ahead — along with steps to take. Both unsettling and helpful!"