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Proper Confidence
Faith, Doubt, and Certainty in Christian Discipleship
PAPERBACK; Published: 3/30/1995
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0856-1
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111 Pages
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Looking to end the divisive conflict that has raged between Christians who attack each other either as "liberals" or as "fundamentalists," Newbigin here gives a historical account of the roots of this conflict in order to begin laying the foundation for a middle ground that will benefit the Christian faith as a whole. What results is a perspective that allows Christians to confidently affirm the gospel as public truth in our pluralistic world.
Christianity Today, Number 22 on the Top 25 Books of the Year list (1996)
Books & Culture
"A masterful demonstration of the bankruptcy of secularism and all forms of Christian accommodation to it."
Presbyterian Outlook
"Whatever Lesslie Newbigin writes is well worth reading and worth reading well. . . With a breathtaking grasp of the history of Western thought, Newbigin proves the roots of the current dialectic between liberalism and fundamentalism."
Princeton Seminary Bulletin
"This is an important book for pastors and teachers serving in church settings where the temptation to soften the scandal of the cross is present or where the good news, for all its outward acceptance, is thought (deep down) to be a source of embarrassment. . . The book is beautifully written, a powerful statement of faith in God, whose incarnation has changed the nature of human life forever and whose call to the church cannot be altered by the temptation to believe that the human being is the center of the universe."
Religious Studies Review
"This little gem from Lesslie Newbigin, a central intellectual figure in the modern missionary movement, builds a strong Christian apologetic specifically directed at the culture of late modernity. . . With grace and skill, he maintains faith's claim both to provide genuine knowledge and to be irreducibly personal."
Theology (U.K.)
"This book is written with Bishop Newbigin's usual lucidity and deceptive simplicity. . . It stands as an important introduction to the nature of Christian truth for those of us who are seeking to be postmodern disciples of Christ."