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Saved by Grace
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/6/1994
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0857-8
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291 Pages
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A comprehensive, dynamic, and eminently practical presentation of the biblical teaching on salvation. In discussing the facets of the working out of salvation--the role of the Spirit, union with Christ, the gospel call, regeneration, conversion, repentance, and so on--Hoekema does away with the classical ordo salutis ("order of salvation') by viewing these facets largely as simultaneous aspects in the process of salvation rather than sequential steps on the way to salvation.
Reformation and Revival
"In a day when thoroughgoing study of the doctrine of salvation has been jettisoned as impractical and irrelevant by the church at large, Saved by Grace serves an essential purpose. . . If you want your mind challenged by the lucid exposition of Scripture in relationship to the technicalities of God's saving work, if you want your passion rekindled regarding the manifold grace of God in the salvation of sinners, this book is for you. Buy it. Absorb it. Make its contents the preeminent message of your ministry."