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POD; Published: 9/30/1994
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0860-8
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This commentary on Paul's letter to the Romans summarizes and completes Ernst Käsemann's lifelong study of Paul's theology and of this epistle in particular. As is common in his writings, Käsemann in this commentary has gone his own, frequently provocative way. He has emphasized theological rather than historical questions; as a result, this commentary divides Romans into sections according to what Käsemann sees as the key theological concept of the letter — the righteousness of God. That Käsemann has, however, considered seriously the historical as well as theological questions in the extensive literature on Romans is evident in the numerous references in the text and in the bibliographies provided for the major and minor subdivisions of the sections.

This commentary has been translated from the German by Geoffrey W. Bromiley, who has translated, among other works, Kittel's Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. Long paragraphs in the original have been divided to provide easier reading, and the references have been converted to English- translation equivalents wherever possible. In addition, this translation incorporates changes that Käsemann made in the German original for the 4th edition.
Karl P. Donfried
—Smith College
"K�semann's pioneering commentary is seminal and will profoundly influence the agenda for all future studies and reflections on Romans, Pauline theology, and systematic in general. Our comprehension of Paul is enormously deepened by this work — astonishing in its learning, vision, and human understanding."
James M. Robinson
—Claremont Graduate School
"K�semann's Romans is written with a theological passion comparable only to that of Barth's Romans — and Paul's Romans itself! The striking similarities to the doctrine of God's righteousness in the Dead Sea Scrolls are here for the first time analyzed in detail, and the distinctiveness of Paul's teaching disengaged with new precision. This commentary, free of school attachments, is saturated in the scholarly tradition and presents the growing edge of scholarship in a mature and compelling way. It is clearly the best commentary on Romans available today."
Ralph P. Martin
—Fuller Theological Seminary
"A magisterial, if individualistic, interpretation not only of Paul's central letter but of the entire range of Pauline thought and theology. It aims to show 'what Paul meant theologically,' and it admirably succeeds in that endeavor."