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Religion and Medical Ethics
Looking Back, Looking Forward
POD; Published: 4/25/1996
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0862-2
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160 Pages
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This book gathers the reflections of seven of the nation's most significant moral theologians in the field of bioethics — James M. Gustafson, Stanley Hauerwas, Stephen E. Lammers, Karen Lebacqz, Warren T. Reich, David H. Smith, and Allen Verhey. The outgrowth of The Institute of Religion's 1993 conference on ethics in medicine and technology, these essays and reports from working groups look back at the contributions of theology to bioethics in the past and set an agenda for theological reflection on bioethics in the future.
Kenneth L. Vaux
—director, Center for Ethics, Garret-Evangelical Theological Seminary
"As our secular and ethically pluralistic society looks for foundations for practical morality and as we probe the provocative social sphere of health care for ethical moorings and bearings, this volume helpfully scans the theological heritage. If medicine is ever again to become ministry rather than business, these sources of value must be recovered."
L. Gregory Jones
—Loyola College in Maryland
"In recent years, medical ethics has marginalized religious voices, and the result has been impoverished and often sterile debates. This significant volume brings together seven major theologians to reflect on earlier debates prior to the marginalization, and to chart possibilities for richer and more engaged debates in the future."
Lisa Sowle Cahill
—Boston College
"This collection gathers some of the most important voices in the emergence of bioethics as a theological field. . . . Highlighting the difference religious commitment makes, this book brings forward and nuances the matter of theology's relevance to policy debates."