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A Primer on Postmodernism
POD; Published: 2/6/1996
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0864-6
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216 Pages
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From the academy to pop culture, our society is in the throes of change rivaling the birth of modernity out of the decay of the Middle Ages. We are now moving from the modern to the postmodern era.

But what is postmodernism? How did it arise? What characterizes the postmodern ethos? What is the postmodern mind and how does it differ from the modern mind? Who are its leading advocates? Most important of all, what challenges does this cultural shift present to the church, which must proclaim the gospel to the emerging postmodern generation?

Stanley Grenz here charts the postmodern landscape. He shows the threads that link art and architecture, philosophy and fiction, literary theory and television. He shows how the postmodern phenomenon has actually been in the making for a century and then introduces readers to the gurus of the postmodern mind-set. What he offers here is truly an indispensable guide for understanding today's culture.

Faith Today Magazine, God Uses Ink Award for non-fiction (1997)
Dialogue & Alliance
"Clearly written and extremely useful."
Internationale Zeitschriftenschau für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete (IZBG)
"Grenz has written the evangelical 'classic' on this subject."
Reformed Review
"Whether the church is willing to admit it or not, it is in the middle of a postmodern society. If the leaders of the church are serious about reaching out to this new generation, A Primer on Postmodernism is a must read."
Westminster Theological Journal
"Grenz's book is well-written in an engaging style that enables the reader to navigate through the ambiguous and disconcerting waters of postmodernism. . . This book is also well documented and provides a number of important sources benefiting anyone wishing to further pursue the ideas and figures discussed."