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From Cells to Souls - and Beyond
Changing Portraits of Human Nature
POD; Published: 4/20/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0985-8
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266 Pages
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Templeton Foundation Press, Books of Distinction (2005)
David G. Myers
"In this cutting-edge work, Malcolm Jeeves engages scientists, philosophers, and theologians in reflecting on new discoveries in neuroscience, genetics, and psychology. One finds here a rich buffet of fascinating cases, evocative questions, and cogent insights, which Jeeves brilliantly weaves into a twenty-first-century portrait of human nature — a portrait that appreciates our embodied spirituality as reflected in both science and Scripture. "
John Polkinghorne
"Recent developments in genetics and neuroscience pose important questions to ethical and theological thinking. This collection of papers by experts — more than half of whom are scientists — will be a valuable resource to those who wrestle with such problems. I particularly welcome the book's emphasis on 'duality without dualism' in its account of the human person."
Nancey Murphy
"Malcolm Jeeves is one of the most significant voices promoting the reconciliation of scientific and theological accounts of human nature. We are in his debt for creating this wide-ranging collection of essays by some of the best scholars in their fields"
N. T. Wright
"Despite what many people think, the Bible does not envisage human beings as split-level creatures (with, say, a distinct body and soul) but as complex, integrated wholes. The ultimate Christian hope is not for disembodied immortality but for bodily resurrection. But how does this square with state-of-the-art scientific insights about what makes us human? Remarkably well. The media regularly report neuroscientific and genetic research indicating the interdependence of mind, brain, and body. This outstanding book brings that work into dialogue with profound philosophical analysis and careful attention to relevant biblical texts. The result is not only a striking contribution to current debates about human nature but also a call to a better-informed compassion for those who suffer from neurological and psychiatric disorders. This book issues a clear call to fresh thought and positive action."