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Brother of Jesus, Friend of God
Studies in the Letter of James
POD; Published: 2/27/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0986-5
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304 Pages
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John Painter
"Luke Timothy Johnson rightly argues that the Epistle of James provides important evidence for any study of the brother of the Lord. His work in writing commentaries on James and Acts fits him well for the approach that he has adopted. He argues that his study of the epistle reveals the voice of James, a voice that 'agrees substantially with the best reading of Luke and Paul with respect to the historical James.' Not all readers will agree with this reading, but Johnson makes a strong case for the value of the epistle in understanding the life and mission of the brother of the Lord. Anyone interested in James — the epistle and the person — will want to read this book."
Robert W. Wall
"This fine collection from Luke Timothy Johnson, a leading interpreter of the Letter of James, offers advanced Bible students a fluent and full introduction to the letter's composition, canonization, theological contribution, and history within the early church. Although Johnson's book is scholarly in purview, including extensive notes and a current bibliography, his evident purpose is to set James within a context where current interpreters can better retrieve meaning in a way that underscores the letter's continuing importance for forming a more vital Christian faith. Johnson accomplishes this purpose with uncommon skill and grace."
Joel B. Green
"With this welcome study of the background, theology, and interpretation of the Letter of James, Luke Timothy Johnson rehabilitates this New Testament book both from the disparagement it has suffered in church history and from those for whom its theological vision remains marginal today. Read in concert with Johnson's premier commentary on James, this book urges forms of discipleship marked by community and integrity — a way of life oriented radically around the gift-giving God. "