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Contours of Christology in the New Testament
POD; Published: 7/6/2005
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1014-4
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359 Pages
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Contours of Christology in the New Testament features first-class biblical scholars who steep readers in the biblical texts about Jesus. These essays focus on the New Testament writers' various understandings of Jesus, their differing emphases seen as contours in the common landscape of New Testament christology. Sweeping in scope, the volume begins with a look at early christology and covers the whole of the New Testament from the Gospels to Revelation.

David E. Aune
Richard Bauckham
Terence L. Donaldson
Donald A. Hagner
Morna D. Hooker
William Horbury
Richard N. Longenecker
I. Howard Marshall
Ralph P. Martin
J. Ramsey Michaels
Douglas J. Moo
Philip H. Towner
Ben Witherington III
Robert W. Yarbrough
"A stellar cast of New Testament scholars brings fresh energy to the question 'Who is Jesus?' Informed by recent scholarship, these writers move beyond academic disputations and arrive at findings useful to ministers, students, and all others who would like to sharpen their grasp of the identity of the Christ. The studies are up to date but not trendy, theologically rich but not simplistic. Few careful readers will digest this book without multiple 'Aha!' moments leading to new insights, better understanding, and even enhanced worship."
Joel B. Green
"Especially oriented to analyzing the biblical materials concerned with the theological importance of Jesus of Nazareth, Contours of Christology exhibits the exceptional virtue of combining accessibility with profound learning. It will serve as a valuable point of entry into the significance of the person and work of Jesus in the New Testament and its world."