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A Short History of the Early Church
Harry R. Boer
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POD; Published: 3/13/1990
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1339-8
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200 Pages
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For readers who want a brief yet reliable introduction to the history of the early church as well as for those who are looking for a quick review of the period, this volume furnishes a concise overview of the key events, figures, controversies, and councils essential for a proper understanding of the first seven centuries of the Christian church.

Harry R. Boer provides background on the world into which the church was born, surveys the life of the church from the ministry of Jesus until 600 A.D., examines the effects of persecution and heresy on the church, explains the role of several key church leaders, and focuses specifically on the church's ongoing struggle to formulate proper doctrines of the Trinity and of Christ. Each chapter is clearly outlined and concludes with several discussion questions that enhance the book's use as a study guide for church groups or as a text in courses on early church history.

New Testament Abstracts
"Provides a lucid and concise account of the peoples, places, institutions, events, and ideas that made a difference in the development of the Christian faith from the first through the seventh century."
Restoration Review
"An excellent account of the early centuries of the church. . . All the information the average Christian needs on the persecutions, heresies, and great councils."
Christianity Today
"Offers the layman an excellent overview of the course of Christianity in the first few centuries of our era."