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Crucial Questions About the Kingdom of God
POD; Published: 10/28/1952
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1571-2
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In Crucial Questions About the Kingdom of God, George E. Ladd brings to the modern student of eschatology an up- to-date survey of the literature of the kingdom of God and a fruitful discussion of some of the more crucial problems facing this concept which lie at the root of the controversies over this central theological subject.

Rather than repeat uncritically the old inherited positions, Dr. Ladd makes a thorough and independent study oriented to the entire stream of biblical interpretation, and presents here the conclusions he feels the biblical data require. Including the important literature on the subject in the French, German, and English, the author treats briefly the eschatological interpretations of the ancient, medieval and modern writers; the latter covers the formulations since Schweitzer and concludes with the modern search for a synthesis of the kingdom as futuristic and as a present reality.

Feeling the biblical evidence requires a premillennial interpretation of the concept of the kingdom of God, Dr. Ladd's own exegesis of the futurity and presence of the kingdom and of a millennial interregnum represents an informed and critical premillennialism. He presents these formulations over against the popular dispensational form of the chiliastic position and against the amillenial position whose criticism of premillennialism, the author says, is limited to only its special dispensational form.

Dr. Ladd's book is of importance because it represents the most recent critical discussion of the crucial questions facing this most difficult of theological subjects, and offers conservative and liberal alike a challenging exegesis of the problems involved from an enlightened premillenarian view.
Merrill C. Tenney
"The book is thoroughly documented . . . and opens a way for a new positive presentation of eschatological truth. Pastors and teachers will find it valuable as an aid to orienting their thinking in the field of eschatology."