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My Servants the Prophets
POD; Published: 11/14/1952
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1697-9
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232 Pages
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In this authoritative study of the prophets, Edward Young first considers what the Old Testament says about the origin of prophecy and the prophetic institution, and then deals with questions of the position of the prophet in the Divine economy, the relation between false and true prophets, and the relation of the prophets to the world in which they lived.
Christian Life
"Dr. E. J. Young has again brought to the Christian trade a work which excels in its biblical content. This text on the prophetic institution is not a run-of-the-mill work in either its thesis or presentation. The literary style is a blend of simplicity and lucidity. The thesis cuts across the general view concerning the correct basis for interpreting the prophets and advances a strict adherence to the rule, 'let Scripture interpret Scripture.'"
"This reviewer must confess that he is impressed with the saneness and thoroughness of Dr. Young's exegetical technique. Dr. Young is obviously a scholar of no mean ability; and this book, as well as others by him . . . , provides ample proof that he has been well trained in the field of Semitic philology. "