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Less Than Two Dollars a Day
A Christian View of World Poverty and the Free Market
Kent A Van Til
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POD; Published: 3/2/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1767-9
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192 Pages
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Christian tradition demands basic sustenance for all as a human right. Yet the contemporary capitalist economy makes no such demands, and the free market is not designed to provide basic human sustenance. As Western Christians, how ought we to solve this conundrum? Kent Van Til maintains that the gulf between the two calls for an alternative system of distribution.

In this constructively critical work Van Til takes a hard look at the realities of life in a free-market system, including illuminating examples from his own experience in Latin America. He considers how the contemporary capitalist economy guides the distribution of goods around the world, and he examines the inadequacies of this system. Drawing heavily on the ideas of political theorist Michael Walzer and nineteenth-century theologian-statesman Abraham Kuyper, Van Til proposes an alternative system of distributive justice, equalizing the claims to both burdens and benefits.

David R. Befus
— author of Where There Are No Jobs
"Kent Van Til's timely analysis of poverty and free markets allows readers to revisit basic economic theories from a distinctly Christian frame of reference. Van Til wrestles with classical economic models through an exhaustive but understandable review of the literature. He then presents a biblical understanding of economics, describing principles and citing authors that, for me, were delightfully new. Whether one agrees with his conclusions or not, this book is a fantastic resource for the current discussion about globalization and the world economic marketplace. I recommend it highly."
Daniel C. Maguire
— Marquette University
"For those befuddled by the jargon of theology and economics, this very readable book is a tour de force and a most welcome gem by an outstanding expert in both fields. Like the mission of Jesus, Kent Van Til's book is 'good news for the poor' and a stirring appeal to the consciences of Christians and other persons of goodwill."
Catholic News Service
"Van Til is thoughtful, dynamic and focused on results. . . [He] helpfully unpacks for neophytes some basic economics. He does this with a 'Calvinist bent,' using significant voices from his own theological tradition, but with a desire to influence a broader audience."