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The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, Volume 7
Our Own Time
POD; Published: 2/22/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1771-6
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734 Pages
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The last installment of Hughes Oliphant Old's multivolume history of preaching in the Christian church, this book explores the incredibly rich diversity of preaching around the world in the twentieth century. In Our Own Time Old discusses such influential preachers as Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. in the United States, Anglican Archbishop Kivengere in Uganda (known as the "Billy Graham of Africa"), Oscar Romero and other dynamic Latin Americans -- and many, many more. Old's story also covers the rise of the modern megachurch, the charismatic movement, Vatican II, the vigorous house churches of China, and the vitality of preaching in Korea. Full of surprising details and inspiring stories of ministry throughout the world, Our Own Time beautifully rounds out Old's magisterial study of Christian preaching through the centuries.

Kurt Iver Johanson
— Pleasant Grove Christian Church, Dallas
"From the first day in September 1985 when Hughes Oliphant Old picked up his pen to compose the opening lines of this series until the final day nearly twenty-five years later when the time came for him to set it down, he has presented to the church a monumental study of the history of preaching as worship. . . Here is sound scholarship coupled with a profound pastoral sensitivity and love of preaching."
The Ordained Servant
"A priceless gift to the church and its preachers. . . . Astonishing in its scope, mind-expanding in its perspective, and highly motivating."
Ordained Servant
"An excellent book. . . . Pastors needing an aid responding to the kind of objections to Christian belief permeating the modern-day intelligentsia would do well to turn to this resource."
Philip Ryken
— Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia
"With this expansive volume, Hughes Oliphant Old brings his massive global history of Christian preaching to an inspiring close. Our Own Time is remarkable for its geographical and theological breadth, spanning five continents and showing generous personal appreciation for an amazing range of twentieth- and twenty-first-century preachers. The great strength of Old's approach is the direct exposure he gives to the original texts of actual sermons. Anyone who loves biblical exposition will be encouraged by the vitality of contemporary homiletics and will gain an expanded understanding of the preaching of the church worldwide."