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Evangelical Theology
An Introduction
PAPERBACK; Published: 11/29/1979
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1819-5
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222 Pages
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In this concise presentation of evangelical theology--the theology that first received expression in the New Testament writings and was later rediscovered by the Reformation--Barth discusses the place of theology, theological existence, the threat to theology, and theological work.

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Eberhard Busch
— author of The Great Passion
"This book is a wonderful surprise. At the end of his life, after writing so many theological masterworks, Karl Barth published an 'introduction' to evangelical theology. In keeping with his own rule to begin with the beginnings, Barth here reads and reflects anew on the heart of the gospel. His Evangelical Theology above all demonstrates the serious joy of being a Christian theologian. It will please all who read it."
Eugene H. Peterson
— author of Take and Read and The Message
"Karl Barth for me is the theologian of the twentieth century. He gathered up, rethought, repreached, and reprayed the entire Christian tradition. I would not want to be without even a page of his multivolume Church Dogmatics, but this slim, spare book holds a special place in my reading. Its 'energetic brevity' keeps the nature and necessity of theology forcefully focused in my life."
Paul D. Molnar
— author of Karl Barth and the Theology of the Lord's Supper
"In this magnificent volume, written with unparalleled learning and gripping power by the preeminent theologian of the twentieth century, readers will glimpse something of the overriding joy, happiness, and freedom of theological science that come from God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This eternally rich and living God can be neither 'hired' nor 'possessed' and cannot be carried about in some 'intellectual or spiritual briefcase.' Karl Barth's Evangelical Theology is a must-read for anyone who desires to study theology today."