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An Introduction to Narrative Literature
George W. Coats
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POD; Published: 12/13/1983
ISBN: 978-0-8028-1954-3
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336 Pages
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Series: The Forms of the Old Testament Literature (FOTL)

In the introduction to this volume, George Coats discusses narrative in general and the principal Old Testament narratives in particular. He then sets the book of Genesis in its larger Old Testament context, analyzing its major sections and subsections, and uses the succeeding chapters to treat each of the major sections individually.
Claus Westermann
"This exegesis of Genesis is a valuable aid and good as both summary and development of this kind of scholarship on Genesis in the last decades. . . It demonstrates the importance of this approach for exegesis: the commentary strives to show how the individual parts are made understandable by the whole."
Matitiahu Tsevat>/b>
— Hebrew Union College

"A most welcome book. It adds several dimensions to the interpretation of the biblical book to which it is devoted. . . Because of the comprehensiveness of its treatment of Genesis and the balanced judgment of Professor Coats, the book functions, at times, as a test of the validity of its own major method — form criticism in Old Testament study."