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PAPERBACK; Published: 9/29/2003
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2215-4
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A world-renowned theologian here offers a succinct account of a central yet neglected theme in Christian teaching -- the holiness of God.

Integrating biblical studies, theology, and practical application, John Webster provides a thoroughgoing trinitarian understanding of God's holiness with highly relevant results. According to Webster, God's holiness is known not in his simple transcendence but in his gracious and free relationship to his people. Such holiness finds an echo in the holiness of the Christian community, especially in worship and witness, and in the life of the individual disciple.

Profound yet readily accessible to a wide range of readers, Webster's Holiness offers an ideal entry into reflection on the Christian God.

Anthony C. Thiselton
"John Webster grounds the whole subject of holiness in the identity, grace, and election of God. Holiness is less a matter of human subjectivity than an acknowledgment of God, including a turning away from that which God has dealt with. This book is a timely corrective to undue preoccupations with 'experience' and personal narrative, and it sheds light on its subject from a neglected angle. "
Alan J. Torrance
"A superb book by one of the outstanding theologians of this generation. Although the topic of holiness is absolutely central to Christian theology, comparatively little has been written on it in recent years. This engaging, scholarly volume is not only theologically profound but also lucid and uplifting. An invaluable contribution!"
Ralph Del Colle
"Holiness is not a theme commonly taken up by contemporary theologians, yet John Webster has written a masterful book by that very title. Its brevity keeps the reader focused on the essentials, namely, that the triune God is holy and communicates that holiness to the church and to the Christian in the work of salvation. Sounds simple enough, but Webster is one of those rare theologians who turns the reader constantly to God and whose writing exemplifies his own definition of theology as 'holy reason.' He has done a great service to both theology and the church. "
Toronto Journal of Theology
"Those familiar with Webster's magisterial works concerning the practical import of Karl Barth's theology . . . will not be surprised to find that this book exemplifies the same learning, wisdom and turn of phrase that sears insight after insight upon mind and heart. . . Everywhere the book exudes an irenic spirit as Webster gently exposes inadequacies (e.g., Schleiermacher) while identifying strengths (Juengel, Staniloae, Augustine.) It rescues a crucial topic from the hands of religious romantics. It depicts an able theologian at work, zealous for God's honour and the edification of the church."