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Children Matter
Celebrating Their Place in the Church, Family, and Community
POD; Published: 8/31/2005
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2228-4
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388 Pages
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Children today are no longer expected to be "seen and not heard," yet in many churches children are involved only in programs specifically designated for them. Children Matter offers a full discussion of children's spirituality and shows how the faith community can better nurture its youngest members.

Speaking from their experience with children's ministry in a range of Protestant traditions, the authors draw on the Bible, history, and psychology to lay good foundations for such ministry. Discussing the specific content and contexts of faith formation, they also offer wise and practical advice on putting together effective ministries. Rather than focusing on innovative ways to use technology, Children Matter emphasizes relationships between people and encourages the church to welcome all children as valued participants in the people of God.

Karen-Marie Yust
"Children Matter invites Christian educators to imagine the faith journey with children as a pilgrimage or dance with God. Pastors and teachers are encouraged to explore the contexts in which children live, investigate the biblical and historical roots of children's ministries, and make an informed and animated commitment to nurture a vibrant faith in their youngest church members. Through stories of their own ministry experiences, the authors make a strong case for true belonging and meaningful participation in the church for all of God's children. Theory and practice are interwoven so that church leaders can explore and try out new ideas, extending the conversation begun in the book to their own setting. This book matters for churches in which children matter!"
"Highly recommended for all church leaders, pastors, educators and parents. . . This book matters for churches where children matter!"
"Seminarians, clergy, and church leaders will find this book indispensable for building a sensible children's ministry from scratch or for improving a ministry already in place. A loving devotion to children's spiritual formation and an emphasis on modeling the life of Jesus permeate the book."
Expository Times
"Children Matter provides foundational understandings and practical insights for anyone who desires to begin serving in ministry with children or one who seeks to strengthen their understanding of where we have been and what the future might look like for children in our midst."