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Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams
POD; Published: 9/24/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2233-8
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207 Pages
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The concept of "ministry teams" is rapidly taking hold in churches, but just what are they and how do they work? Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams outlines what effective ministry teams look like, describes what they can offer local congregations, and gives concrete step-by-step suggestions for making them happen.

The power of ministry teams lies in their unique capacity to generate genuine Christian fellowship, nurture disciples, develop leaders, and mobilize people for ministry. While traditional church leadership organizations concentrate almost exclusively on task, policy, and program, ministry teams are designed to enhance faith development and, thus, ministry effectiveness.

E. Stanley Ott explores three main areas of ministry-team development. First, he explains the philosophy behind ministry teams and discusses the issues involved in shifting from committee-based to team-based ministry. Second, he tells how to begin ministry teams, including how to identify team leaders and members and how to determine their roles. Third, he looks at the details of ministry-team life, including ways to build team fellowship, foster discipleship and communication within teams, and accomplish specific ministry tasks.

Filled with wise, time-tested advice, including four how-to appendixes, this book will help pastors and lay leaders transform the life of their church or Christian organization.

Carl George
"Over many months I carried around E. Stanley Ott's Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams. I read it in snatches in airports and motels, noting the furtive glances common to our hyper-driven, sound-bite world. At each reading I would marvel: How does one find the patience to so meticulously address the issues and lay out such a sound rationale for doing ministry within life teams? I found Ott's discourse to be practical and empowering for both volunteers and professionals. He meets virtually every objection to team-based ministry I have heard without flinching or rancor. He makes it possible for the most cautious among us to move with confidence into a way of doing church that also encourages our doing life together."
Leonard Sweet
"No one understands the word with better than E. Stanley Ott. For leaders struggling to transition their ministries from for to with — one of the four key words of Christian discipleship — this book is required reading."
Ministry & Liturgy
"A powerful book. . . . If you haven't read any ministry team books, this one is a keeper."