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Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, Volume XIV
HARDCOVER; Published: 6/21/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2345-8
Price: $ 75.00
726 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6.5x9.5

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Series: Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (TDOT)

Volume XIV of the highly respected Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament expands the scope of this fundamental reference tool for biblical studies.

Ranging from rāša' ("guilt") to kan ("settle, dwell"), these seventy-seven articles include thorough etymological analysis of the Hebrew roots and their derivatives within the context of Semitic and cognate languages, diachronically considered, as well as Septuagint, New Testament, and extracanonical usages.

Among the articles of primary theological importance included in Volume XIV are these: śātān ("adversary"), śānē' ("hate"), šeôl ("Sheol"), šā'al ("ask"), bet ("rod, staff; tribe"), šabbāt ("Sabbath"), and šûb ("turn around"). Each article is fully annotated and contains an extensive bibliography with cross-references to the entire series.
The Bible Today
"This series will long remain a classic work, a storehouse of information, well organized and carefully judged and nuanced. Every major biblical library should possess it. "
Christianity Today
"A tool that no Bible student can afford to ignore; it takes its place alongside Kittel as a classic reference work."
American Reference Books Annual
"Students of the Bible have cause for rejoicing as each volume of this scholarly work appears. . . This 'theological dictionary' focuses on the etymology of Hebrew terms, then explores their cultural and historical contexts, finally suggesting their importance in a theological framework without espousing a particular denominational bias."
"An important and interesting scholastic tool, essential for any library that serves serious Bible students, theological scholars, church-school teachers, pastors, or interested laypeople."
Journal of the American Academy of Religion
"[TDOT] amasses a great deal of useful information (including bibliography) on the words dealt with, which most scholars would find difficult to ferret out on their own. . . Clearly, no serious exegete of the Old Testament should overlook it. "
Southwestern Journal of Theology
"Provides a much-needed resource into the language of the Old Testament, particularly as it relates to the ancient Near East. . . A must for any serious student of the Old Testament."
Journal of Biblical Literature
"Serious students of the Hebrew Bible will find this dictionary a valuable resource."
Hebrew Studies
"The Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament is a monumental contribution to the study of the Old Testament, and very highly recommended. No library can afford to be without it. "
Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter
"This dictionary is highly recommended for academic libraries in institutions dealing with Biblical Studies, Judaism, Christianity, and Comparative Religion."