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The Epistle to the Hebrews
HARDCOVER; Published: 6/4/1993
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2420-2
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862 Pages
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Series: The New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC)

This superb work is sure to win a name for itself as one of the major commentaries on the Epistle to the Hebrews. The principal purpose of this substantial volume is to clarify the meaning of Hebrews, long considered a complicated and obscure book. Paul Ellingworth's fine-tooth-comb coverage of Hebrews looks at the text up close and in a broad light, enabling the reader to see the forest as well as the trees.

In his determined quest to understand Hebrews, Ellingworth begins with a detailed study of the Greek text, working outward to consider the wider context, linguistic questions, and the relation of Hebrews to other early Christian writings and to the Old Testament. Nonbiblical writings such as Philo and the Dead Sea Scrolls, though less directly related to Hebrews, are considered where appropriate.

Unveiling the discourse structure of this carefully written letter, Ellingworth's commentary helps make coherent sense of the complexities of Hebrews. As a result of his exhaustive study, Ellingworth finds Hebrews to be primarily a pastoral, not a polemical, writing. Showing how Hebrews beautifully emphasizes the supremacy of Christ, Ellingworth concludes that the essential purpose of the epistle - which maintains the continuity of God's people before and after Christ - is to encourage readers to base their lives on nothing other and nothing less than Jesus.

A substantive bibliography and a comprehensive introduction precede Ellingworth's commentary, and three indexes - of subjects, authors, and Greek words discussed - conclude the volume.

Christianity Today, Number 3 Critics Choice for Commentaries (1994)
"There will always be a need for new commentaries, for fresh approaches to the text in light of the changing questions and discoveries of any particular age. Paul Ellingworth, however, has given us a model of depth and simplicity in his commentary that will make it one of the books to be consulted on Hebrews for some time to come."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"The meticulousity, fairness, and good judgment with which philology, textual criticism, relevant biblical and nonbiblical texts, and secondary literature are brought to bear on Hebrews is impressive. This work joins the list of the other excellent commentaries on Hebrews which have been published in recent years, but it carves a niche all its own."