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The Lost Gospel of Judas
Separating Fact from Fiction
POD; Published: 2/23/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2456-1
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135 Pages
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With the discovery of the Gospel of Judas came an outpouring of hyperbolic language, both negative and positive. Alongside the loudly stated opinions of historians and scholars was the quiet bewilderment of people who simply weren't sure what to think -- confusion not helped by vast, often incorrect, media attention.

In this book Stanley Porter and Gordon Heath set the muddied record straight. After first looking at the initial ballyhoo surrounding the publication of the Gospel of Judas, they carefully set the Gospel in context, providing a brief history of Judas himself as seen in the New Testament and in church history, discussing Gnostic philosophy and other recent textual finds, and examining the content and authenticity of the Gospel of Judas. Porter and Heath's Lost Gospel of Judas sifts through all the evidence and presents the results with scholarly clarity.

Craig A. Evans
— consultant for the Gospel of Judas Project
"Puts a fascinating new discovery — the Gospel of Judas — in its proper historical and religious context. This book is must reading."
Pheme Perkins
— Boston College
"A needed correction to the hype and even false publicity connected with the marketing of the newly translated Gospel of Judas. Porter and Heath challenge some of the scholars involved to a more responsible presentation of the history of early Christianity. The final chapter takes on a bigger task — defense of the four canonical Gospels as witnesses to the truth of apostolic Christian tradition."