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Baptism and Christian Identity
Teaching in the Triune Name
PAPERBACK; Published: 7/2/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2460-8
288 Pages
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In this book Gordon Mikoski examines how the sacrament of baptism, the doctrine of the Trinity, and the practice of Christian education together constitute a dynamic nexus that has the potential to foster congregations marked by the formation of both deep Christian identity and creative engagement in public arenas for the common good.

After establishing the necessity of holding baptism, Trinity, and ecclesial pedagogy together through a careful analysis of the thought of Gregory of Nyssa and John Calvin, Mikoski outlines how this nexus can function for contemporary Christian communities as they carry out the work of educational ministry. He then explores the dynamics of faith formation in the contemporary American context, concluding with a suggestive treatment of implications of the baptism-Trinity-pedagogy nexus for the educational ministry of a congregation.