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The Living God and Our Living Psyche
What Christians Can Learn from Carl Jung
POD; Published: 2/25/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2467-7
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119 Pages
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Why should Christians bother to read Carl Jung? He may be one of the most famous psychologists of the twentieth century, but are his views and ideas really compatible with Christian faith? While acknowledging some Christian suspicion of Jung, Ann Belford Ulanov and Alvin Dueck maintain that Jung's psychology can indeed enhance the life of faith.

Steven J. Sandage
— Bethel University
"Ann Belford Ulanov and Alvin Dueck offer a rich, masterful reading of Carl Jung, one of the most interesting and controversial thinkers in recent history. They critically and responsibly engage Jung from theological, psychological, and cultural perspectives in ways that can further enliven integrative understanding. I highly commend this book to those who care about an authentic, culturally sensitive spirituality and to those who desire a sound Christian psychology."
Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger
— Princeton Theological Seminary
"Tackles some of the most vexing theological and spiritual issues raised by Jung's approach to psychological healing. Challenging Jung when he diverges from core Christian beliefs, The Living God and Our Living Psyche nevertheless builds on key Jungian concepts to show how depth psychology can enrich and enliven our life of faith. . . A finely nuanced discussion, glittering with gems of insight. Anyone who has struggled to understand Jung, any psychotherapist longing to include spiritual issues in the work of healing — indeed, any person of prayer seeking to relate authentically to God over the long haul — will relish this book."
Religious Studies Review
"This book, composed of three essays by Ulanov and a prologue and epilogue by Dueck, constitutes an interesting attempt to revitalize Jung in the theological community, particularly for evangelical Christians. . . . This book is recommended."
The Pastoral Review
"The scholarship and accessibility of both authors is admirable. . . . I cannot recommend this book highly enough."