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The Shaping of the Reformed Baptismal Rite in the Sixteenth Century
POD; Published: 4/13/1992
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2489-9
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340 Pages
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This meticulously researched book recounts how the early sixteenth-century Reformers, steering a course between the old Latin rites on the one hand and the Anabaptist movement on the other, developed a baptismal service that they understood to be reformed according to Scripture. Hughes Oliphant Old's study shows the Reformed baptismal rite to be well thought out, pastorally sensitive, and theologically profound.
Robert R. Redman, Jr.
—Fuller Theological Seminary
"Hughes Oliphant Old has given us undoubtedly the most comprehensive look at the roots of the theology and practice of baptism in the first generation of the Reformed movement. This work of his makes a significant contribution to the study of liturgy, a contribution that will be greatly appreciated by scholars of liturgy working in other traditions as well as students of the history and theology of the Reformed tradition. By masterfully bringing together largely inaccessible and difficult primary and secondary sources, Old has put this important chapter in the history of Christian worship within easy reach of the student, pastor, and scholar. He is an expert guide through the wildernesses of both Reformation-era worship and modern scholarly research of that period. His great gift is concise exposition and lucid interpretation, coupled with theological awareness and pastoral sensitivity. With admirable clarity Old d
John Leith
—Union Theological Seminary
"The Shaping of the Reformed Baptismal Rite in the Sixteenth Century is an indispensable resource. Hughes Old is without superior in his knowledge of the liturgies of the church. He writes not only with knowledge but also with conviction about the significance of baptism for Christian experience today."
Regis Duffy, O. F. M.
—University of Notre Dame
"Hughes O. Old's new book is not only a model of thorough and creative scholarship but also a clear and intriguing narrative that marks the connections between the various Reformation approaches to initiation. The book is also ecumenical in the truest sense of the word, for it provides a challenging description of the Reformers' attempts to shape a new catechumenal model for their age. Both Roman Catholics and Protestants will be enriched in reading this fine work."
Mark U. Edwards, Jr.
—Harvard Divinity School
"With great clarity and obvious personal conviction Hughes Oliphant Old explores how in the cross fire of Catholic tradition and Anabaptist challenge the Reformed theologians of the early sixteenth century — men such as Zwingli and Oecolampadius, Bucer and Calvin — developed a covenantal theology of baptism, rooted in both the Old and New Testaments, that insisted that word and sacrament belonged together, that water and Spirit were indivisible, and that later catechetical instruction and vows should be seen as one expression among many of the continuing reality of baptism throughout the Christian life. In detailing the history of early Reformed baptism, Old has produced a deeply learned yet accessible book, of importance for scholars, pastors, and interested laity."