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John Wesley
A Biography
PAPERBACK; Published: 8/29/2003
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2499-8
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208 Pages
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The life and work of John Wesley (1703–1791) have had an enormous influence on modern Christianity, including his role as founding father of the Methodists, now 33 million strong worldwide. In this lively new biography journalist Stephen Tomkins narrates the story of Wesley's colorful and dramatic life for a new generation.

Writing with verve and a light, sure touch, Tomkins follows Wesley from his childhood at Epworth rectory through his schooling and university career at Oxford to his mission to Georgia, his "conversion" in 1738, and finally his life as a religious leader in England. Preaching in numerous villages, towns, and cities, Wesley and his followers faced intense and savage persecution, but their missions were also accompanied by extraordinary phenomena such as convulsions, laughter, and healings. In the course of his compelling narrative Tomkins examines Wesley's relationships with key people in his life, including his powerful and austere mother, Susanna, and his hymn-writing brother, Charles. Tomkins also explores key issues in Wesley's life, such as his renunciation of wealth and his attitude toward women, concluding with an assessment of Wesley's ongoing influence both in his own country and abroad.

Superbly crafted, grounded in thorough research, and published in the 300th year of Wesley's birth, this book will appeal to students of Wesley, people from the Methodist tradition, and general readers interested in church history.

Booklist, Top Ten Books in Religion (2003)
Booklist (Boxed Review)
"The tercentenary of the birth of Methodism's founder could bring no finer introduction to his life and work than Tomkins's synthetic biography. . . A fascinating figure, fascinatingly limned."
Church Libraries
"This biographical account skillfully blends its presentation of the spiritual and personal struggles of this servant of God with the inception and growth of Methodism in Europe and America."