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Paul's Letter to the Philippians
HARDCOVER; Published: 7/14/1995
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2511-7
Price: $ 52.99
543 Pages
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Andrews University Seminary Studies
"A highly scholarly yet thoroughly readable study of Paul's letter to the Philippians. . . This is a solid commentary based on the Greek text and including a thorough exposition of theological issues. An abundance of grammatical, textual, and historical information is presented in the footnotes, special notes, and appendices. Paul's Letter to the Philippians will provide a mine of information for all students of Paul especially of the Epistle to the Philippians. It should be in the hands of every serious scholar, pastor, and student."
Anvil (U.K.)
"Innovative and thought-provoking, it is an excellent exposition of a broadly convincing reading of the letter. Anyone who uses it will learn a great deal. This is an outstanding book on Philippians. Fee's absolute determination to explain how every bit of every sentence works, and then to show how that works within the larger whole, is alone worth the cover price. And he does this beautifully so that both those with and those without Greek can see what is going on. He then applies what he discovers in each passage in committed and pertinent summaries of points for today's church."
Australian Biblical Review
"With this commentary Gordon Fee confirmed his standing as one of the best New Testament commentators of our generation. Text is clear, uncluttered and a pleasure to read. He has written with parish ministers in view, as well as scholars, and the result will surely be welcomed by both classes of readers."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"Exhaustive and exegetical, but eminently readable.Serious Bible students will find much help here in understanding Philippians. This is one of the best commentaries on this vital epistle."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"All the pieces of Philippians (which Fee reads as a unified whole) hold together remarkably well in this analysis of the letter's situation, the issues dealt with in it, and the way in which each aspect of the letter is a strategic response to the need being faced. F.'s bold wrestling with a host of disputed subjects and his often matter-of-fact approach to such issues make his work an engaging and significant contribution."
Christian Info News
"Another substantial commentary in this important series.This impressive commentary brings new light and fresh perspective to one of Paul's most cherished letters."
Christian Week (Canada)
"If you can own only one commentary on Philippians, this is the right choice."
Christianity Today
"Being an effective 'gospel-bearer' is Fee's driving passion. And he asserts it in this commentary the best way he knows: through intense, ruthless interaction with the biblical text in a manner that leaves most of the rest of us standing in the dust—which is why this volume belongs in the library of every serious student of the Bible."
Currents in Theology & Mission
"What makes this particular commentary useful in the parish is its hermeneutical approach. At the end of every section in the commentary, Fee includes pastoral applications of the material he has just examined. An extensive bibliography and copious footnotes are also helpful to readers who want to further their understanding of the various components of this valuable letter."
"Fee displays extensive and intensive knowledge of the literature relating to Philippians and mastery of the tools of exegesis.All said, this is an impressive commentary, useful for anyone engaged in serious study of Philippians."
Librarian's World
"A superb commentary, probably the best one-volume commentary on Philippians for the evangelical church library."
Living Church
"Substantive and systematic in their treatments of these critical New Testament texts, both Morris and Fee write engagingly about background considerations: and, without sacrificing a thorough analysis of each pericope, they keep the reader on board with the thrust and flow of each book. To work with each of these volumes is eminently worth the effort, whether the objective is solid personal study of scripture, or sharing the fruits of that study in preaching."
Louvain Studies
"Fee writes with the assurance of a veteran scholar who keeps abreast of current trends without falling prey to 'trendiness.'This is a book that will be a profitable addition to the library of pastors, exegetes, and students of theology."
Religious Studies Review
"This excellent commentary is remarkable for the detail with which it examines the letter without losing sight of the letter as a whole. Other new volumes in the series will be hard put to match this standard."
The Bible Today
"Fee, who is also the general editor of this fine evangelical commentary series, brings his erudition and theological depth to a study of Paul's letter to the Philippians. This commentary will be particularly useful to students of the New Testament who want to wrestle with Paul's letter in depth and with the help of a traditional and competent guide."
The Covenant Quarterly
"This commentary certainly ranks among the finest on Philippians, offering great help for the pastor's pulpit and the scholar's lectern. Fee is irenic, scholarly, passionate, and pastoral."
The Expository Times
"Valuable for students of the original as well as the 'parish minister and teacher of Scripture' for whom he primarily writes. A good, solid, conservative commentary, which takes full account of the work of other scholars, as the lengthy footnotes show."
The Presbyterian Layman
"Fee balances his technical expertise and spiritual insight with a welcome clarity of expression, making this work an excellent choice for pastors desiring a single evangelical commentary on what is perhaps Paul's most-loved letter."
Westminster Theological Journal
"One of the best recent commentaries on any biblical book from any perspective. This commentary succeeds so well because of its exegetical sanity, vigorous style, and theologically sensitive applications.Every Christian—student, pastor, and scholar—can likewise benefit from Fee's theologically rich applications of each major paragraph in the letter. . . This commentary represents believing biblical scholarship at its best: uncompromising in its scholarly rigor, motivated by love for God, and dedicated to the edification of the church."