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The Epistles of John
HARDCOVER; Published: 7/14/1978
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2518-6
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292 Pages
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Series: The New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT)

The three Epistles of John, according to I. Howard Marshall, are concerned with the fundamentals of Christian belief and life - faith and love. The reader who grasps the message of these short but essential letters will have a sound basis in Christian doctrine. This group of Epistles, says Marshall, is also a good starting point for the study of the Gospel of John. This commentary, then, was written so that students of the Bible might not only master the content of John's Epistles but also better understand Johannine theology as a whole.

The volume includes an "invitation" to general readers and an "introduction" addressed to students and specialists. Another unique feature is a rearrangement of the traditional order of the three letters: 2 John and 3 John are studied before 1 John. This structure assures that the two shorter letters are not relegated to the position of appendices but are treated as important documents of early Christianity in their own right.
Southwestern Journal of Theology
"The choice of Howard Marshall to write the volume on the Johannine Epistles is exceedingly fortunate. . . . There is good balance between the technical and the practical, thus making the commentary useful to both the scholar and the Bible preacher and teacher. . . . An outstanding commentary, probably the best available in English."
Journal of Biblical Literature
"A clear and well-organized commentary. . . . Marshall has provided a complete and up-to-date bibliography and has demonstrated his thorough acquaintance with all the various opinions of those current scholars of note who have worked in this area."
Expository Times
"An expert and readable treatment, characterized by exegetical skill and a thorough knowledge of the relevant literature. . . . An indispensable aid."