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The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism
HARDCOVER; Published: 11/11/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2549-0
Price: $ 99.99
1406 Pages
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The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism -- the first reference work ever on Judaism in the Greco-Roman age

This comprehensive and authoritative volume is the first reference work devoted exclusively to Second Temple Judaism. A striking and innovative project, it combines the best features of a survey and a reference work:
  • 13 major essays synthesizing significant aspects of Judaism in the period between Alexander the Great and the Bar Kokhba Revolt
  • 520 alphabetical entries, many with cross- references and all with select bibliographies
  • 130 illustrations, including photos, drawings, and plans
  • 24 maps
  • 270 authors from 20 countries
The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism is ecumenical and international in character, bringing together the contributions of a superb group of Jewish, Christian, and other scholars. With equal attention paid to literary and nonliterary (archaeological and epigraphic) evidence, this substantial volume will prove to be an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and general readers alike.
Judaica Reference and Bibliography Awards Honorable Mention (2011)
Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Awards Special Citation (2011)
Eric M. Meyers
— Center for Jewish Studies, Duke University
"A welcome, handy reference tool for students of early Judaism. . . Presented in an easily accessible format, it is usable for general readers as well."
Review of Biblical Literature
"An excellent resource. . . . The quality of scholarship and well-organized structure means it is likely to become the first point of reference for all those interested in early Judaism."
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
"An incredibly useful new reference tool. . . . A simply elegant book, which will be of immense and enduring value to scholars, students, and the more general reader."
Southwestern Journal of Theology
"This volume should be the first consult in any research of the Second Temple Period. . . . Any student, faculty, and interested lay person will find this a valuable investment for their library."
Trinity Journal
"It is difficult to overstate how impressive the volume is in terms of scope, quality of scholarship, and number of high-level contributors. . . . A masterful achievement."
Times Literary Supplement
"I do not think there is a better guide to Early Judaism than the Eerdmans Dictionary. . . . It opens a door into a fascinating and compelling world of ideas, texts, and practices."
Bible Today
"A superb resource on a topic of tremendous importance to biblical study."
Biblical Theology Bulletin
"Scholars, students, ministers, and informed readers will find this volume a great and useful addition to their library. I highly recommend it."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"A groundbreaking work that is an essential reference tool."
"A significant contribution to understanding the culture of the New Testament world."
"An important and highly useful volume. Highly recommended."
Martin Goodman
— Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
"This dictionary, containing an immense amount of useful information presented with great clarity by an impressive range of scholars including many leading experts in the field, will be an essential resource for all those interested in studying the late Second Temple period and the Jewish background to the origins of Christianity."
"The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism is an outstanding reference work that not only introduces this important era but also serves as a status report for scholarly activity in this area over the past few decades. Highly recommended for theological, research, and large public libraries."
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
"Collins and Harlow are to be commended, as the dictionary will be a standard reference work for years to come, especially because of its uniqueness. The student and scholar working in this time period will no doubt find this dictionary to be the starting point for all their research. . . . Overall, I give my highest recommendation for this dictionary for all interested in Second Temple Judaism."