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2 Peter and Jude
Ruth Anne Reese
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POD; Published: 10/15/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2570-4
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244 Pages
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Series: The Two Horizons New Testament Commentary (THNTC)

In this volume Ruth Anne Reese explores the theological and literary meaning of 2áPeter and Jude with an emphasis on theology for the church today. She seeks to meld together the best tools derived from the disciplines of both biblical studies and theology.

Reese's 2 Peter and Jude begins with a general introduction to the two books and proceeds to look at each text, exploring the meaning of particular words and illuminating the text with elements of history, sociology, and literary study. The themes of each book -- and how they are played out throughout the biblical canon -- are examined from an explicitly theological angle. Reese brings together insights from the best of biblical scholarship with the work of theologians, both contemporary and ancient. The combination of disciplines leads to new insights on such issues as judgment, community living, and the relationship between faith and ethics.
Rikk Watts
— Regent College
"The New Testament writers were utterly transfixed by the transformational impact of Christ on their world. Here at last is a commentary series that takes this historical fact seriously. Ruth Anne Reese leads us on a stimulating journey through the text to a rich theological reflection and on to consider what the lordship of Jesus means for our own times. Highly commended."
Graham McFarlane
— London School of Theology
"Not many commentaries aim to construct a metaphorical 'dance pavilion' or 'small-town bandstand.' In her stimulating commentary on 2 Peter and Jude, however, Ruth Anne Reese pulls off her intended aim with aplomb and introduces the reader to a perichoretic interplay between text, theological meaning, and community engagement. This is no dry tome for an exegetical elite. Here the reader is drawn into the drama of the text, confronted by the depth of its theological implications, and challenged to participate in renewed practices of faith. Once again, with this groundbreaking work, the Two Horizons New Testament Commentary lifts the reader to new horizons of understanding and participation."