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Retrieving the Natural Law
A Return to Moral First Things
POD; Published: 4/14/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2594-0
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356 Pages
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Series: Critical Issues in Bioethics (CIB)

Restating what all people intuit and what this means in moral, specifically bioethical, discourse is the raison d'être for this volume. J.áDaryl Charles argues that a traditional metaphysics of natural law lies at the heart of the present reconstructive project, and that a revival in natural-law thinking is of the highest priority for the Christian community as we contend in, rather than abdicate, the public square.

Nowhere is this more on display than in the realm of bioethics, where the most basic moral questions -- human personhood, human rights versus responsibilities, the reality of moral evil, the basis of civil society -- are being debated. With his timely application of natural-law thinking to the field of bioethics, Charles seeks to breathe new life back into this key debate.
Carl E. Braaten
— Senior Editor of Pro Ecclesia
"J. Daryl Charles provides a sobering analysis of the natural law deficit in modern Protestant theological ethics. Making a strong case for reclaiming the natural law as an indispensable bridge for creating moral consensus on public policy in a pluralistic society, Charles argues that the Protestant voice on ethics and morality lacks power and relevance due to its general abdication of the natural-law tradition."
David Naugle
— Dallas Baptist University
"In Romans 12:17 Paul exhorts the church to ‘respect what is right in the sight of all.' This obviously suggests that there is something that all people respect as right, whether they want to admit it or not. Basic moral perceptions, engraved on the human heart, constitute the natural-law tradition, which itself enjoys the support of the biblical notions of general revelation and common grace. Daryl Charles's muscular volume on the retrieval of this tradition enables men and women of faith and goodwill to obey Paul's exhortation and, simultaneously, to illuminate and season the public square, love our neighbors in word and deed, and point to the real truth of things. In light of major-league bioethical and political concerns, now is the time for the Tao, to borrow C. S. Lewis's symbol for this outlook. You won't find a clearer, keener exposition and defense for it than this book. Charles, as it were, is a contemporary son of Issachar who understands the times with a knowledge of what we should do."
Christian Scholar's Review
"J. Daryl Charles has written a highly stimulating discussion of natural law. . . . Charles' book is researched thoroughly, drawing upon a wide range of thinkers and scholars. His arguments are laid out carefully, yet not at the cost of readability. Importantly, he emphasizes the stakes in the contest: natural law provides a way for Christians to be heard amidst the moral collapse occurring around us."
Theological Studies
"[Charles's] discussions are insightful and even prophetic, calling the reader to honest and critical reflection. . . . There is much that is good and valuable in this volume."
"The book, impressive in its catholicity and breadth of argument, deserves a wide hearing."
Theological Book Review
"A well-written and clear analysis of highly important issues in bioethics."
Southwestern Journal of Theology
"I highly recommend this work. It is at once theoretically robust and readily pragmatic. . . . An important volume for medical professionals who want to think deeply about the faith in practice and for theologians who want to take the essentials of the Christian faith into the public square."