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Gathered for the Journey
Moral Theology in Catholic Perspective

POD; Published: 8/28/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2595-7
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366 Pages
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Gathered for the Journey sets moral reasoning in a theological context of worship and discipleship (partá1), provides a framework for the moral life based on questions of human fulfillment (partá2), and demonstrates how these theological resources shape a distinctive approach to questions of globalization, Catholic social teaching, the family, war and peace, bioethics, and the environment (partá3).

McCarthy and Lysaught have crafted a distinctively unified collection. Gathered for the Journey represents a common project among Catholic scholars who are struggling with similar questions about living faithfully.


Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt
William T. Cavanaugh
David M. Cloutier
Dana Dillon
James M. Donohue
Jeanne Heffernan Schindler
Kelly S. Johnson
M. Therese Lysaught
William C. Mattison III
David M. McCarthy
Michael R. Miller
Julie Hanlon Rubio
Tobias Winright
Catholic Press Association, Third Place, Theology (2008)
Kevin O'Rourke, O.P.
— Neiswanger Institute, Loyola University Chicago
"The Second Vatican Council spoke of the need for a Christ-centered, innovative, nonlegalistic approach to moral theology. This volume fulfills that need. Composed by a group of young Catholic scholars, it presents 'the good life' in light of Christ's teaching and traditional theological concepts. After considering foundational concepts in a realistic perspective, it applies these concepts to various aspects of daily life, such as life in community, consumerism, family life, war and peace, and bioethics. Remarkably unified in content and purpose, Gathered for the Journey will serve well as a comprehensive textbook for college students, or as a reference work for anyone interested in learning more about friendship with God. As a moral theologian nearing the end of his career, my overwhelming reaction to this presentation is hope for the future of Catholic moral science."
Lisa Sowle Cahill
— Boston College
"This collection offers the important voices of emerging young scholars who bring fresh perspectives on a traditional discipline. They show that 'moral theology' is as much about a way of life as about analysis of problems. Readers of Gathered for the Journey will see what it takes to energize Catholic teaching for a new generation. The originality of the contributions makes them essential reading for the scholar; their timeliness and practicality match them perfectly to classroom use."