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Isaiah 40-66
A Commentary
Shalom Paul
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POD; Published: 5/1/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2603-9
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Series: The Eerdmans Critical Commentary (ECC)

In-depth exegesis from a renowned Hebrew scholar

This Eerdmans Critical Commentary volume is Shalom Paul's comprehensive, all-inclusive study of the oracles of an anonymous prophet known only as Second Isaiah who prophesied in the second half of the sixth century B.C.E. Paul examines Isaiah 40–66 through a close reading of the biblical text, offering thorough exegesis of the historical, linguistic, literary, and theological aspects of the prophet's writings. He also looks carefully at intertextual influences of earlier biblical and extrabiblical books, draws on the contributions of medieval Jewish commentators, and supports the contention that Second Isaiah should include chapters 55–66, thus eliminating the need to demarcate a Third Isaiah.

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Biblical Archaeology Society 2013 Publication Award for Best Book Relating to the Hebrew Bible
Benjamin D. Sommer
-- Jewish Theological Seminary
"A work of massive erudition deftly wed to literary sensitivity. . . . An outstanding contribution not only to our appreciation for one poet's work but to our understanding of prophecy and the state of Israelite religion in the late sixth century."
Gary A. Rendsburg
-- Rutgers University
"Shalom Paul's commentary constitutes as rich a treatment of Second Isaiah as exists today. The work builds from a firm philological base to address with equal excellence the larger literary, historical, and theological issues central to the work of this crucial prophet at the turning point of ancient Judaism. Evidence is garnered from every corner of biblical studies -- Mesopotamia, Qumran, medieval Jewish commentators, modern researchers of every stripe, and more -- and is then digested in an exceedingly readable explication of the ancient text. This volume is destined to remain a valuable work for years to come, for both students and scholars alike."
Jeffrey H. Tigay
-- University of Pennsylvania
"A superb commentary. Not only does Shalom Paul bring to Isaiah 40-66 his great exegetical skill and all the resources of contemporary biblical scholarship, but he also brings a mastery of the important and often neglected insights of the pioneering medieval Hebrew grammarians and commentators, an acute sensitivity to the book's indebtedness and allusions to other parts of the Bible, and an unsurpassed knowledge of the ancient Near Eastern literary heritage and the culture of sixth-century BCE Babylonia in which the prophet and his audience lived."
Ziony Zevit
-- American Jewish University
"Paul's sensitivity to the linguistic nuances of the prophet's sophisticated Hebrew and to the richness of his allusions is shared with readers in clear, accessible prose. The freshness of his original observations and insights makes this commentary an important milestone in scholarship on Isaiah 40-66 that will have a lasting influence on how the book is taught, preached, and understood."
Journal of Jewish Studies
"Paul excels at detailed and technical philological and textual analysis, and it is for these types of exercises rather than broader historical and literary exegesis that his work will be valued for a long time to come. . . . His arguments always deserve the most careful attention."
Journal of Semitic Studies
"The publication of a major commentary from a scholar of Shalom Paul's stature is always a momentous event. . . . The commentary market is crowded, but this one is a distinctive entry; it has the confident voice and vision of a senior scholar, it presents its data concisely, and any serious scholar of Isaiah will want to own it."
Journal of Ancient Judaism
"Paul's commentary to Isaiah 40-66 distinguishes itself from other commentaries to Isaiah by its careful text critical work and its analysis of the literary and stylistic features of the text. Also more than welcome is Paul's inclusion of the work of medieval Jewish commentators."
Religious Studies Review
"Paul's expert analysis and original contributions will make this volume mandatory reading for all future scholarship on Isaiah 40-66."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"An excellent, useful, and valuable source to advance scholars' and research students' exegetical, philological, and literary readings of Isaiah 40-66."
The Bible Today
"Paul's grasp of the history of interpretation of this prophetic tradition as well as related literature is remarkable."
Review of Biblical Literature
"A remarkably rich resource. . . . Paul's commentary is a unique and valuable resource."
Hebrew Studies
"The work is the culmination of a lifetime of study and scholarship by Shalom Paul, and it is both comprehensive in scope and detailed in execution."