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The Books of Haggai and Malachi
HARDCOVER; Published: 11/28/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2625-1
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423 Pages
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Series: The New International Commentary on the Old Testament

In this commentary on Haggai and Malachi, Mignon Jacobs offers clear and insightful interpretation of the text while highlighting themes that are especially relevant to contemporary concerns, such as honoring or dishonoring God, the responsibilities of leaders, questioning God, and hearing the prophetic word in challenging times.

Engaging with the latest scholarship, Jacobs provides a thorough introduction to both prophets in which she addresses questions of authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology, followed by a new translation of the biblical text and a verse-by-verse commentary. With intertextual discussions about key aspects of the text and attention to competing perspectives, this commentary offers a rich new interpretation of Haggai and Malachi.
Daniel L. Smith-Christopher
Loyola Marymount University
“A commentary on Haggai and Malachi from a wise and experienced scholar like Mignon Jacobs is to be welcomed. . . . Those who may be unsure of what two shorter prophetic books have to say to the modern reader need look no further. This is an excellent contribution to an increasingly important commentary series.”
James Nogalski
Baylor University
“Mignon Jacobs offers fresh readings of Haggai and Malachi for pastors and students. Her work has an accessible style, and the voluminous footnotes list alternative positions within the scholarly discussions. Her introductions to these prophets emphasize their social location at different points in the Persian period, and her exegetical treatments in the commentary proper include extensive exploration of biblical contexts to explain the concepts, phrases, and idioms that shape the message.”
Marvin A. Sweeney
Claremont School of Theology
Academy for Jewish Religion California
“Jacobs provides an in-depth treatment of these two oft-neglected prophetic works, always with close attention to the Hebrew text.”
Ehud Ben Zvi
University of Alberta
“One of the most readable commentaries on Haggai and Malachi I have ever read. Jacobs’s achievement is even more admirable in that she often presents her readers with multiple interpretative options, and she brings to bear numerous intertextual references and much material to engender further discussion. This commentary on two important—though often overlooked—prophetic books will be very helpful to the main target readership of the series and beyond.”
Stacy Davis in Review of Biblical Literature
"Jacobs’ superior writing style and thoughtful analysis make her commentary an excellent reference for any reader. Her work is thorough and also readable. . . . Those who study and teach these biblical books will benefit from having Jacobs’s work at their fingertips."
"Jacobs’s commentary provides a well-organized, historically rich, and grammatically sensitive treatment of Haggai and Malachi. Readers will enjoy the book’s organization and will learn how to better understand these books as prophetic literature and as books belonging to the Old Testament. It is a worthy addition to the NICOT series."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"This commentary on Haggai and Malachi by Jacobs is a useful and valuable tool for students, pastors, and those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of these two important prophetic books. Jacobs’s understanding of Hebrew, intertextuality, and the details of the text combine to give us an insightful and beneficial study of these two prophetic books. This commentary should be included in the library of anyone interested in a serious, in-depth study of Haggai and Malachi."
The Catholic Biblical Quarterly
“The volume is a most serviceable contribution to the study of the Books of Haggai and Malachi. [Jacobs] thoroughly and thoughtfully engages contemporary OT scholarship, combining sound exposition of the biblical text with concern for the contemporary context, within the framework of a well-balanced evangelical biblical theology.”
Southwestern Journal of Theology
“Represents a significant step in terms of scholarly commentaries on the books of Haggai and Malachi.”
Religious Studies Review
“The volume’s technical analysis and informed contributions will be important for both students and scholars.”