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The Book of Judges
Barry G. Webb
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HARDCOVER; Published: 12/20/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2628-2
Price: $ 54.99
575 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6.125 x 9.25
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Series: New International Commentary on the Old Testament

Eminently readable, exegetically thorough, and written in an emotionally warm style that flows from his keen sensitivity to the text, Barry Webb's commentary on Judges is just what is needed to properly engage a dynamic, narrative work like the book of Judges. It discusses not only unique features of the stories themselves but also such issues as the violent nature of Judges, how women are portrayed in it, and how it relates to the Christian gospel of the New Testament.

Webb concentrates throughout on what the biblical text itself throws into prominence, giving space to background issues only when they cast significant light on the foreground. For those who want more, the footnotes and bibliography provide helpful guidance. The end result is a welcome resource for interpreting one of the most challenging books in the Old Testament.

Read Judges and Misogyny, a blog post by Webb about the book.
from author's preface
"I have always felt cheated by the kind of exegetical vivisection that kills by analysis until all that's left is lifeless bits and pieces, classified and arranged, conquered rather than read. For me the text is a living thing, whose life has to be respected if it is to be understood. . . . Judges is not a nice book. It's rough and raw and confronting. Working on it has been like living with someone who always tells you the truth: it is good for you, but not pleasant. In this commentary I have tried to let Judges be what it is instead of taming it."
Daniel I. Block
— Wheaton College
"We have been waiting for Barry Webb's commentary a long time. It's here! This volume is the mature fruit of three decades of study and reflection on the book of Judges. Webb combines the best of thorough scholarship with an evangelical passion for readers to grasp the rhetorical agenda and message of the book. Scholars, teachers, and pastors will find this volume to be a worthy addition to the already excellent NICOT series."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"Webb combines solid exegetical insights with literary sensitivity. . . . Pastors will find Webb's verse-by-verse commentary helpful. . . . Webb respects the text as it is and uses sound literary and rhetorical methods to discover its message."
Vox Reformata
"The first-rate NICOT series has been enhanced by the inclusion of Barry Webb's commentary on the Book of Judges. . . . Heartily recommended."
Master's Seminary Journal
"The NICOT is one of the best evangelical commentary series on the Old Testament. The reputation of the series will only be enhanced with this superb work on Judges. . . . Highly recommended."
Bulletin for Biblical Research
"This commentary deserves the attention of all who are interested in the study of the Book of Judges."
Review & Expositor
"It will have an important place in college and seminary classrooms and in the libraries of ministers."
Reformed Theological Review
"One need only say that this commentary is everything that would be expected of a new addition to the NICOT commentary series: readable, well-researched and reliable."
Review of Biblical Literature
"A strong, conservative theological reading of the complex book of Judges. . . . College and seminary courses will welcome this approach to Judges."
Journal of Ancient Judaism
"The commentary contributes valuable insights especially into the structure of Judges. Alongside an extensive introduction, Webb provides his readers with an English translation of the Hebrew text and a commentary."