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Act and Being
Towards a Theology of the Divine Attributes
Colin E. Gunton
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POD; Published: 9/12/2003
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2658-9
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176 Pages
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After two thousand years of theological discussion there seems to be little clarity about the kind of being that God is. Act and Being — Colin Gunton's last book before his untimely death in spring 2003 — explores this topic with brilliance, offering a fresh, meaningful understanding of the defining characteristics of the deity. In discussing the attributes of God, Gunton brings a unique combination of theology and philosophy to bear on this central topic of Christian thought. He first reviews past attempts to unpack the nature of God, showing how most fail as cogent, relevant teaching. He then outlines the facets of a new, intellectually stimulating, profoundly biblical portrait of the divine being. In the course of his book Gunton also discusses the adequacy of theological language, compares the Greek and Hebrew views of divinity, and shows the difference that the Trinity makes to our understanding of the divine attributes.
Philip Clayton
"In this, his final book, Colin Gunton gives a succinct yet potent defense of biblical over philosophical theology. The text is erudite yet eminently readable. It will quickly become a manifesto for its supporters and a challenge for its opponents that must be answered. "
Daniel L. Migliore
"Compact but rich, bold, and persuasive, this final book by one of the most productive and respected British theologians of our generation calls for a radical revision in our thinking about the attributes of God. Colin Gunton exposes the traditional approaches to this topic as overly abstract and hopelessly ambivalent and points the way to a theology of the divine attributes that is normed by the biblical witness, focused on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and oriented by a robust trinitarian understanding of God's identity and character."
Robert W. Jenson
"Colin Gunton was, as he once said with emphasis, 'a dissenter.' In all his thought there is a remarkable combination of fidelity to the central tradition of theology and contrarian originality within it. The present book, the last completed before his death, is at once a relentless critique of the way theological separation of God's being from his action distorts inherited doctrines of God's attributes and a creative effort to rescue the tradition by its own better insights. Were Colin alive, I could only say to him, 'Right on!' "
Toronto Journal of Theology
"Gunton's text is a most welcome addition to contemporary discussions of the doctrine, particularly discussions which seek to move with, yet also beyond Barth, in positing a doctrine that is both christologically and pneumatologically determined."