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Modern Faith and Thought
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2672-5
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The fruit of many years of thinking and teaching, this book offers the reflections of one of this century's best-known theologians on a crucial topic on theology today. Helmut Thielicke here surveys and evaluates significant developments in modern theology, doing so not from a strictly historical perspective but rather from the standpoint of specific issues, particularly the interrelationship between faith and thought.

Arguing that the question of how faith and thought interrelate is the leading problem in Western theology during the modern period, Thielicke presents his own in-depth analysis of select thinkers on the subject.

By engaging major thinkers from the last three centuries on the question of truth, Thielicke shows how theological problems have arisen in the following areas: the relation between revelation and reason; the relation between God's commands and the human conscience; the relation between theology and philosophy; the significance of modern historico-critical study of the Bible; the relation between revelation and history; the relation between the Christian gospel and the world's religions; and secularism's giving reason a dominant role vis-à-vis religion.
Martin Rumscheidt in Religious Studies Review
"The book is vintage Thielicke: his erudition and long theological experience find broad scope. It is also a typical example of that tradition, now in its twilight, to which the matter of doubt and theodicy was so central. In a sense this book is a splendid epilogue and eulogy. No theological library should be without it."