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Familiar Stranger
An Introduction to Jesus of Nazareth
POD; Published: 3/22/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2680-0
Price: $ 22.50
224 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Series: The Bible in Its World (BIW)

Familiar Stranger by Michael McClymond is a very readable introduction to that elusive figure known as "the historical Jesus" -- his life, his world, his sayings and doings, accounts of his death and resurrection, and his followers' efforts to understand him.

Three features set Familiar Stranger apart from the many other available books on Jesus. First, it's targeted to general readers but doesn't dumb down in its attempt to inform them. Second, it's ideologically balanced, exhibiting a refreshing lack of agenda or ulterior motive beyond the desire to genuinely present what we can and cannot know about Jesus today. Third, it brings together the two most fruitful models for understanding Jesus and his mission -- Jesus the "moral sage" and Jesus the "eschatological prophet." The result is a truly well-rounded picture of Jesus.

Marked by concision, clarity, and thoroughness, McClymond's Familiar Stranger is ideal for classrooms, study groups, and individuals in search of an up-to-date, trustworthy guide to the historical Jesus. Readers familiar with Jesus may well find him becoming stranger to them through these pages, and, conversely, those to whom Jesus is a stranger may well discover a growing familiarity with him.
Christianity Today, Award of Merit, Biblical Studies (2005)
"In language that is both accessible and engaging, [McClymond] has provided a concise, straightforward and balanced overview of contemporary Jesus studies that should prove helpful to a variety of readers."
Religious Studies Review
"A very readable, even enjoyable account. . . A wonderful introduction to the subject for non-experts."
"Those inspired by the particular, cinematic vision of Christ's Passion to learn more about the person of Jesus and the passionate responses competing versions of his story continue to evoke may find this book a good first read."
Craig A. Evans
"Michael McClymond's Familiar Stranger offers an excellent introduction to the study of the historical Jesus. Written by an 'outsider' to Jesus research, this balanced, well-informed book is a pleasure to read and will make a great textbook. I highly recommend it. "
Robert H. Gundry
"For the past two hundred years or so, scholars, perceiving some differences between the New Testament portrayals of Jesus and Jesus as he was in 'factual' history, have tried to reach behind those portrayals to the Jesus a camcorder would have captured. These attempts have produced widely, sometimes wildly, different results. Michael McClymond's Familiar Stranger provides nonscholars with a scholarly assessment of the past and present state of research on the historical Jesus, plus his own well-considered view. Recommended for a wide reading audience."
"McClymond demonstrates a remarkable grasp of the literature in this field and continually interacts with a wide range of scholarly viewpoints. Of particular interest is his critique of modern popular images of Jesus in light of the research. Recommended."
"This is an engaging introduction to the so-called study of the Historical Jesus. . . . What makes it particularly useful is its balanced and irenic treatment of issues. . . The work engages in a friendly manner with a whole array of authors, ranging from American and German radicals to conservative evangelicals."