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Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil
POD; Published: 10/4/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2697-8
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330 Pages
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The problem of evil has challenged religious minds and hearts throughout the ages. Just how can the presence of suffering, tragedy, and wrongdoing be squared with the all-powerful, all-loving God of faith? This book gathers some of the best, most meaningful recent reflections on the problem of evil, with contributions by shrewd thinkers in the areas of philosophy, theology, literature, linguistics, and sociology. In addition to bringing new insights to the old problem of evil, Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil is set apart from similar volumes by the often-novel approaches its authors take to the subject. Many of the essays pursue classic lines in speculative philosophy, but others address the problem of evil through biblical criticism, the thought of Simone Weil, and the faith of battered women and African American slaves. As a result, this book will interest a wide range of readers. Contributors: Paul Draper Eduardo J. Echeverria Laura Waddell Ekstrom Stephen Griffith Del Kiernan-Lewis Richard T. McClelland Barbara Omolade Richard Otte Alvin Plantinga John R. Schneider Robert Stanley Peter van Inwagen Carol Winkelmann Keith D. Wyma


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C. Stephen Evans
—Baylor University
"This book not only contains some of the sharpest and most interesting work by philosophers on the problem of why a good God allows evil but also brings the thinking of Christians from a great variety of backgrounds and fields of study to bear on this cluster of problems. The essays are fresh and original; readers will find their minds stretched and their hearts moved."
Eleonore Stump
—Saint Louis University
"In this wonderful, far-ranging book Peter van Inwagen has gathered essays on the problem of evil written not only by some of our best philosophers of religion (himself included) but also by professionals experienced in the care of those broken by suffering. The resulting highly diverse set of essays will instruct and move all those interested in the problem."
Michael Murray
—Franklin and Marshall College
"Recent literature on the problem of evil is filled with highly technical discussions that are often utterly inaccessible to all but the most specialized audience. Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil breaks with this trend in two important respects. First, it contains essays written in a style that makes them interesting and accessible to professional and lay readers alike. Second, instead of treating evil from a generically theistic perspective, these provocative essays address evil from a distinctively Christian point of view. Truly a cutting-edge volume."
Kelly James Clark
—Calvin College
"A fascinating and timely discussion of God and evil from the standpoint of faith. The breadth of methodologies and the appeal to Christian beliefs combine to make this a unique and important work."
William Lane Craig
—Biola University
"This volume extends the discussion of the problem of evil among analytic philosophers of religion and, moreover, opens up fresh perspectives on that problem from hitherto neglected biblical and theological vantage points. I found the discussion to be both stimulating and inspiring."