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James Mckeown
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POD; Published: 3/3/2008
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2705-0
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408 Pages
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Series: The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary (THOTC)

In this commentary James McKeown treats Genesis as a book of beginnings and a foundational sourcebook for biblical theology. He begins with exegesis of the Hebrew text, highlighting the recurrence of key words, phrases, and themes throughout the book. He also draws attention to passages particularly pertinent to earlier readers either facing or returning from exile, offering a historical context outside a solely Christian perspective.

The second half of the book unpacks the numerous theological horizons of Genesis -- main unifying themes (descendants, blessing, land); key theological teachings of Genesis (creation, fall, character and image of God, life of faith); and the contribution of Genesis to theology today, including its impact on science, ecology, and feminist theology.

McKeown's Genesis provides a solid examination of a scriptural book that reflects the struggles and hopes of its readers -- ancient and modern -- and offers encouragement for their walk with God.
Antony F. Campbell
— Jesuit Theological College
"The world of Genesis scholarship is currently embroiled in swirling change. This book offers a solidly evangelical rock in the midst of the turbulent flow."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"McKeown's commentary is concise, but covers a significant number of theological and exegetical issues. His treatments of debates and controversial matters are always fair and adroit. . . . This book has so many excellent features."
Journal of Theological Studies
"McKeown has written a very good commentary on Genesis which shows a deep knowledge of the issues in the text. He has many helpful insights. Preachers, students, and scholars will find much of value here."
"Offers clear, informative, and well-balanced accounts of key themes and motifs that make for the unique texture of Genesis and also of recent interpretive approaches to the texts."
Society for Old Testament Study Booklist
"A good example of how critical methods can be used to chart ways through issues that have affected the Church in general, and especially Evangelicals. It is well written, and the publication style is easy on the eye."