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The Blessed Virgin Mary
POD; Published: 4/5/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2733-3
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124 Pages
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Series: Guides to Theology

This volume provides a concise, nontechnical historical introduction to the church's thinking about Mary, the mother of Jesus. The first part of the book sketches the development of Marian thought from the second century to the twentieth century. The second part contains an annotated bibliography of the most important and accessible English-language works on Mary.

Tim Perry, an evangelical Anglican priest, and Daniel Kendall, a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, have joined across the Reformation divide to provide an irenic, balanced volume for students and general readers interested in this most remarkable woman and the ways in which she has shaped Christian thought.
Sarah Jane Boss
— Centre for Marian Studies, University of Roehampton
"A delightfully well-written account of Marian theology, unique in the extent to which it addresses the concerns of Protestants while also refusing to minimize Mary's importance in God's work of salvation. This book will be of great value to students, pastors, and general inquirers. It should appear on every undergraduate theology reading list."
Joseph Mangina
— Wycliffe College, University of Toronto
"Before we begin arguing theologically about Mary, we should hear what Scripture and Christians in past ages have had to say on the subject. Now we can do just that, thanks to this splendid book by Tim Perry and Daniel Kendall. The writing is balanced and thoughtful, and the annotated bibliography is a gold mine of information. A must-read for anyone concerned about Christian unity."
Gerald O'Collins
— Jesuit Theological College
"This accessible book on Marian doctrine and devotion should be warmly welcomed. It reflects the growing and constructive ecumenical convergence on the significance of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the lives of Christians and their churches."
Catholic Library World
"This quick read is an excellent introduction to Mariology for any student new to the subject and is highly recommended for students at the undergraduate level."
Reviews in Religion and Theology
"It is a book neither evangelicals nor Catholics need spurn. In fact, it is a highly readable book."
Mission Today
"Authored jointly by an evangelical Anglican priest and a Jesuit priest, this slender nontechnical volume is a very good introduction for those who think Mariology is an outdated devotional subject. . . . A must read for students of Mariology!"
Theological Book Review
"For both Protestant and Roman Catholic readers Perry and Kendall answer the central question, `Why bother with Mary?' They also outline how the person and work of Mary can help us understand the Gospel story in a way that gives it more depth and meaning. . . . Protestant and Roman Catholic students and instructors will find it a valuable textbook in a variety of post-secondary school settings. Clergy, denominational leaders and interested lay people will find this a helpful resource in learning more about the Gospel and the teaching of different Christian traditions. I commend it to each and every one."