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I Believe in the Holy Spirit
POD; Published: 5/14/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2767-8
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350 Pages
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Though countless Christians through the ages have confessed, "I believe in the Holy Spirit," the Spirit has often remained a shadowy figure, relegated to the fringes of many Christians' faith. In some quarters, however, the rise of the charismatic movement has made the Holy Spirit a focus of heated controversy.

In this updated edition of his widely popular book, Michael Green traces the doctrine of the Holy Spirit through the Bible, discusses the baptism and gifts of the Spirit, and addresses the dynamic, ongoing work of the Spirit in today's church and world. Enriched by Green's extensive teaching, pastoral, and personal experience, I Believe in the Holy Spirit remains one of the clearest, most balanced books ever written on this subject.

Living Church
"A concentrated, hard-hitting book. . . .It responds to a pressing need for solid teaching on the Holy Spirit."
Reformed Review
"Highly recommended. . . Helpful not only for simply meditating on the meaning of the Spirit in all of its implications for the church but also for discovering an ample supply of useful insights for preaching and teaching."
Restoration Review
"Michael Green is always worth reading, and this goes for his I Believe in the Holy Spirit. It treats virtually every aspect of the Holy Spirit, along with a chapter on the charismatic movement. . . Lots of solid material."
Church Times
"Green is a scholar with a remarkable gift for lucid and lively exposition of great Christian matters. . . He has put all Christian readers most deeply in his debt."