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Cash Values
Money and the Erosion of Meaning in Today's Society
POD; Published: 7/8/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2775-3
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112 Pages
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Money — the world today revolves around it. Particularly in capitalist societies, money plays a central role. Given money's pride of place in modern life and given how often the Bible addresses money's use and abuse, the subject of money clearly deserves serious Christian reflection. Craig Gay offers just that in this short, incisive, balanced book.

Considering the insights of several classical and contemporary social theorists, Gay shows the duplicity of a monetary ethos: capitalism is without question the most productive economic system ever devised, yet the market system also fosters a subtle nihilism that tends to empty the world of substance and meaning. Gay's study encourages readers to rediscover meanings and values that transcend "cash values" — higher values that can free us from the market economy's grip on our culture.
Peter L. Berger
—Boston University
"Craig Gay makes a lucid and persuasive argument for a middle position between uncritical celebration and uncritical condemnation of capitalism. He affirms the achievements of capitalism in creating better life but also notes how its 'creative destruction' undermines the fabric of meanings making life worthwhile. Capitalism itself cannot generate such meanings. They must come from outside the realm of economy, especially from the rich heritage of Christian faith. This important book should be read not only by theologians but also by anyone trying to make sense of our rapidly changing world in the light of faith."
Christian Scholar's Review
"The book challenges the readers to think and evaluate their worldviews. . . It is worth being read and debated, especially within Christian circles."
P. J. Hill
—Wheaton College
"A book much needed in the Christian world. Craig Gay understands the benefits of modern capitalism but also carefully identifies and describes the overwhelming and pernicious influence of the cash nexus. Anyone concerned with living appropriately in our modern capitalistic world will profit from reading Gay's Cash Values."