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Conceiving the Christian College
POD; Published: 9/24/2004
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2783-8
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289 Pages
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This book is designed to help those who are interested in Christian higher education explore anew the unique features, opportunities, and contemporary challenges of one distinct type of educational institution -- the Christian college.

What distinguishes Conceiving the Christian College from the many other books on this subject is its incisive discussion of a set of crucial ideas widely misunderstood in the world of Christian higher education. Now serving in his eleventh year as president of one of the nation's foremost Christian colleges, Duane Litfin is well placed to ask pressing questions regarding faith-based education. What is unique about Christian colleges? What is required to sustain them? How do they maintain their bearing in the tumultuous intellectual seas of the twenty-first century? Litfin's themes are large, but they are meant to refocus the conceptual challenges to Christian education in ways that will strengthen both the academic environment of today's Christian colleges and their impact on culture at large.

Lilly Fellows Program in the Humanities and the Arts, Book Award Finalist (2006)
Robert B. Sloan Jr.
"Duane Litfin's Conceiving the Christian College makes an important contribution to the conversation about the nature and purpose of Christian colleges and universities. It thoughtfully engages the seminal works of a long list of significant thinkers on this topic, from John Henry Newman to the more recent writings of Arthur Holmes, Charles Malik, George Marsden, James Burtchaell, and Robert Benne on the idea of, and prospects for, a distinctively Christian college. Litfin both affirms and corrects their work in articulate and analytically discerning ways. Most importantly, to my mind, he rightly argues that extensive, all-inclusive claims of the lordship of Jesus Christ are what make a Christian college distinctive. This good book is worthwhile reading for anyone who cares about Christian higher education. "
Arthur F. Holmes
"A valuable and stimulating addition to recent discussions of Christian higher education, focusing on a systemic rather than an umbrella model. Duane Litfin unpacks the theological foundations of clichés like 'Christ-centered learning' and 'integration' and analyzes current challenges with a wary eye on both Enlightenment and postmodern assumptions."
Robert C. Andringa
"My mind and heart jumped for joy as Duane Litfin drew me deeper into an understanding of the uniqueness of Christ-centered higher education. I can hardly wait until all of our college and university faculties wrestle with these biblical and philosophical underpinnings of what we are about. Conceiving the Christian College will join only a few other books as a classic for those interested in our history and purpose."
Robert Benne
"A remarkably rich and erudite contribution to the burgeoning literature on Christian higher education!"
Gaylen Byker
"Duane Litfin's wide-ranging exploration of many important issues that are foundational for Christian colleges is most welcome. Few college presidents today, and few among college faculties for that matter, could engage critically across such a broad intellectual spectrum and provide a helpful perspective on each aspect. Of particular interest is Litfin's spirited defense, against the likes of Alan Wolfe and Stanley Fish, of the basic tenets and methods of Christ-centered education carried out by a faculty and administration committed to a specific faith tradition."