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The Nuptial Mystery
POD; Published: 5/12/2005
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2831-6
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445 Pages
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Series: Ressourcement: Retrieval and Renewal in Catholic Thought (RRRCT)

Translated by Michelle K. Borras

The idea of love pervades our society, yet it is nearly impossible to answer the question What is love? especially as we witness the divorce of love from sexuality and of sexuality from procreation. Aware that many people today are skeptical about marriage, Angelo Cardinal Scola nevertheless suggests that only in the category of nuptial mystery do we find a way to adequately describe the phenomenon of love.

A bright new leader in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Scola argues that the male-female relationship lies near the heart of what it means to bear the image of God. Scola's book explores the essential sexual differences that both separate and unite men and women, and it shows how men and women can realize their purpose in marriage or celibacy.

Conversant with papal teaching and Catholic writers from Aquinas to von Balthasar, Cardinal Scola writes with a deep regard for marriage and the family. His Nuptial Mystery will leave readers with a thoroughly Christian appreciation for incarnate love.
"Everything that pleased fans of John Paul II's Theology of the Body will please them in this book, for it is a sustained and substantial elaboration of the themes concerning marriage enunciated by the late pope."
Timothy M. Dolan
"The Nuptial Mystery is an excellent work! Renewing a respect and appreciation for lifelong, life-giving, faithful marriage is an urgent pastoral priority today. This book, which combines impeccable theological scholarship with realistic pastoral compassion, is just what we need."
Laurence Paul Hemming
"Angelo Cardinal Scola is without doubt one of the most powerful and exciting theological voices in the contemporary Catholic Church, and his Nuptial Mystery is a theological synthesis of astonishing depth and subtlety. For anyone wishing to undertake a theology of embodiment, of human relations, and of the incarnation itself, this book is essential reading."
William C. McFadden, S.J.
"Angelo Scola offers the reader a sustained development of the fundamental insight that sexual difference, love, and fruitfulness are inseparably intertwined. In ways reminiscent of the reflections of John Paul II on the theology of the body, Scola challenges the disincarnate spiritualism and androgynism of first-world societies. He seeks to bear witness to the mysterious unity of every form of human love as a manifestation of divine love."