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Christian Worship Worldwide
Expanding Horizons, Deepening Practices
POD; Published: 7/16/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2853-8
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323 Pages
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Series: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Liturgical Studies (CICW)

As Christianity has boomed in the non-Western world, several significant questions have emerged regarding how worship and culture relate. Charles Farhadian here presents a timely investigation of the interaction between culture and worship.

Leading scholars -- experts in history, mission, culture, and liturgy -- offer diverse essays addressing worship in the context of worldwide Christianity. At the heart of Christian Worship Worldwide are several case studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific that explore the contours of particular nations, cultures, and liturgical actions. These essays show how Christian plurality is most vividly exemplified in the context of worship, where language, song, culture, and indigenous theology come together.

M. L. Daneel
Samuel Escobar
Charles E. Farhadian
C. Michael Hawn
Seung Joong Joo
Ogbu U. Kalu
Thomas A. Kane
Miguel A. Palomino
Robert J. Priest
Dana L. Robert
Lamin Sanneh
Bryan D. Spinks
Andrew F. Walls
Philip L. Wickeri
John D. Witvliet
Jonathan J. Bonk
— executive director, Overseas Ministries Study Center
"This book is a kind of kaleidoscope, illuminating surprisingly variegated forms of Christian worship through time and across cultures. With contributions by some of the most accomplished contemporary interpreters of world Christianity, Christian Worship Worldwide frequently sparkles with a luminosity that delights even as it enlightens."
Karen Westerfield Tucker
— Boston University
"Worship is the central action of the church, no matter the location or sociocultural context. Yet many of the books written on the subject of Christian worship and its related topics pay little attention to praxis in the non-Western world. This collection of essays, written by scholars from a variety of academic disciplines and cultural experiences, helps to fill the gap in the literature by offering theological reflections on worship, culture, and globalization, and by acquainting the reader with representative worship practices and expressions of faith found in Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and Africa. Pastors, seminarians, and specialists in liturgy, cultural studies, missiology, and evangelism — or any person interested in understanding the connection of Christian worship to a global body of Christ — will find great value in this resource."