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Giving to God
The Bible's Good News about Living a Generous Life
Mark Allan Powell
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PAPERBACK; Published: 2/21/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2926-9
Price: $ 15.99
204 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.5
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We all know that everything we have is a gift from God. But sometimes it's hard to know just how to give back to God. How much is enough? What does the Bible really say? What should giving look like in our everyday lives? Filled with good news for followers of Jesus, Mark Allan Powell's Giving to God shows Christians the way to a better life and a better relationship with their money -- and with God.

Powell presents stewardship as an act of worship, an expression of faith, and a discipline for spiritual growth. Faithful use of our time, talents, and money starts with a deep, satisfying relationship with the God to whom we belong. We can then learn, says Powell, to give gladly and generously out of our heartfelt connection with God. Informative, concise, and eminently practical (including discussion questions), Giving to God gives us resources for best using the treasures, material and otherwise, that God has given us.

Trinity Seminary Review
"[Giving to God] is a fresh, holistic, well-rooted treatise on giving. . . A valuable, thought-provoking gift to give first-year members or to any people seriously yearning to practice their faith, or wanting their hearts to catch up with their good intentions."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"Powell has produced a fine specimen of what may be the rarest species in the genus theologica litteratura: an accessible and engaging text from a top-flight scholar, addressing a critical issue in the life of churches and individual believers."
Presbyterians Today
"Powell stresses that faithfulness to God in our time, treasures and talents is good news, not just drudgery or obligation. Exploring Giving to God will prove to be good stewardship of a reader's time."
"The author carefully demonstrates that the gospel of stewardship is not tantamount to a divine investment or insurance policy. Citing 2 Corinthians 9:6,11, Powell notes, 'Such rewards need not be tangible . . . those who give of their earthly treasure experience the spiritual reward of hearts increasingly drawn into the wondrous s love of God.' The meat of the text is sound teaching about this very dynamic."
Douglas John Hall
— McGill University
"This is a wonderfully readable book on a subject that ought to have priority in the thinking of not only Christians but all human beings on our much-threatened planet. Mark Powell's prose is full of fascinating anecdotes and allusions, making it immediately accessible to the reader. But it is also based on a biblically and theologically informed wisdom that speaks to the most pressing challenges of church and society in our time."
Clayton L. Smith
— United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Kansas City
"Mark Allan Powell offers one of the most readable books on comprehensive stewardship ministry for local churches that I have ever read. . . Unlike many popular 'money management' books, Giving to God contains authentic, personal, and candid commentary that fits today's local church."