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Unto a Good Land
A History of the American People, Volume 1
PAPERBACK; Published: 8/25/2005
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2944-3
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843 Pages
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Introducing a New U.S. History Text That Takes Religion Seriously

Unto a Good Land offers a distinctive narrative history of the American people -- from the first contacts between Europeans and North America's native inhabitants, through the creation of a modern nation, to the 2004 presidential election. Written by a team of highly regarded historians, this textbook shows how grasping the uniqueness of the "American experiment" depends on understanding not only social, cultural, political, and economic factors but also the role that religion has played in shaping U. S. history.

While most United States history textbooks in recent decades have expanded their coverage of social and cultural history, they still tend to shortchange the role of religious ideas, practices, and movements in the American past. Unto a Good Land restores the balance by giving religion its appropriate place in the story.

This readable and teachable text also features a full complement of maps, historical illustrations, and "In Their Own Words" sidebars with excerpts from primary source documents.

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Mark Noll
Wheaton College

"Unto a Good Land offers a sound general history of the American people and an unusually perceptive understanding of how religious matters have been important in that history. This combination makes this text distinctively useful. It is good reading that provides a solid foundation for advanced exploration in the very wide domains of American historical study."
Jon Butler
Yale University

"Unto a Good Land beautifully integrates the character of American religion, values, and idealistic concerns into an excellent narrative history without cant or special pleading and with real judiciousness and balance — a difficult task accomplished with sensitivity and vigor."
Margaret Armbrester
University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Beautifully written and comprehensive in its coverage of American political, intellectual, and cultural themes, Unto a Good Land is likely to find wide use in state colleges and universities throughout the country. The authors weave into the narrative the ever-present sense of 'special' mission that has shaped, for better and for worse, the nation's history. This work incorporates the latest scholarship celebrating American diversity in a balanced treatment that will make American history recognizable and persuasive to college students. They will, I believe, find it hard to put down."
W. Roger Biles
East Carolina University

"The authors do a nice job of seamlessly weaving religious topics into the discussion rather than simply adding sidebars that draw attention to the 'separateness' of religious belief. This approach will remind students that religion is an important part of people's lives and therefore an appropriate topic for analysis."
John Milton Cooper, Jr.
University of Wisconsin–Madison

"The writing is good and clear; the chapters and topics within them are easy to follow. The scholarship on which the chapters are based is up to date. I also think the approach is well balanced. I found the integration of religious topics to be well done, and not only as a 'hook' to distinguish this text from others in the field."
Link Hullar
Kingwood College, North Harris Montgomery Community College District, Texas

"I am delighted to be using Unto a Good Land with my students. This text tells the story of the American people with respect and consideration for all peoples. It is attractive, engaging, and readable. I have been teaching U.S. History for over thirty years and without a doubt this is the best survey text I have ever used."