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Practice Resurrection
A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ
HARDCOVER; Published: 1/22/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2955-9
Price: $ 24.00
302 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
The fifth and final book in Eugene Peterson's best-selling series of "conversations" in spiritual theology, Practice Resurrection gets at the heart of strong, healthy Christian formation.

Also Available: Practice Resurrection Study Guide

Though bringing people to new birth in Christ through evangelism is essential, says Peterson, isn't it obvious that growth in Christ is equally essential? Yet the American church does not treat Christian growth and character formation with equivalent urgency. We are generally uneasy with the quiet, obscure conditions in which growth takes place, and building maturity in Christ too often gets relegated to footnote status in the text of our lives.

In Practice Resurrection Peterson brings the voice of Scripture -- especially Paul's letter to the Ephesians -- and the voice of the contemporary Christian congregation together to unpack what it means to fully grow up "to the stature of Christ." Peterson's robust discussion will move readers to restore transformed Christian character to the center of their lives.

"For far too long now, with full backing from our culture, we have let the vagaries of our emotional needs call the shots. For too long we have let ecclesiastical market analysts set the church's agenda. For too long we have stood by unprotesting as self-appointed experts on the Christian life have replaced the 'full stature of Christ' with desiccated stick figures.
    "So what I want to do here is engage in an extended and serious conversation with my brother and sister Christians around the phrase 'growing up in Christ.' And I want to bring an old and wise and trusted voice into the conversation, the voice of St. Paul. . . . The words he wrote are as up-to-date as anything we are likely to hear these days, and strategically crucial for what faces us."

-- from the introduction

Christianity Today, Winner in Spirituality (2011)
Academy of Parish Clergy, Top Ten Books for Parish Ministry (2011)
Marva J. Dawn
"This is the perfect culmination to Eugene Peterson's fivefold Conversations on Spiritual Theology. How much the church would be transfigured if we could all more fully live as one with Christ in His Resurrection! You will delight in the way Peterson takes portions of Ephesians and displays the results of 'rocket' verbs and other word choices, of disciplines toward maturity, and of movements 'upward, inward, Godward.' This is a life-transforming book for us all!"
Publishers Weekly
"Thought-provoking and helpful for readers who want a different, sometimes contrarian, perspective on Christian discipleship."
Christian Century
"A beautiful harmony of voices in the book that speaks gospel to contemporary kindergarten teachers, bankers, lawyers and homemakers."
"Peterson's writing style forces the reader to slow down and pay attention to words and metaphors, which is only fitting since part of his message is that we should slow down and pay attention."
Sharing the Practice
"As vintage Peterson, this study bears all the marks of wisdom gleaned through a faithful walk with people and a deep immersion into Scripture. . . . This book was, I discovered, not a text for speed reading but rather for deliberate pondering."
"It is filled with many gems. . . . Practice Resurrection has plenty of depths to be mined for the pastor and layperson alike. . . . Within its pages there is much that is well worth reading and digesting."
"A gem, a biblically rooted, exegetically precise, wisely expressed gem. It's one of the best books I've read in recent months, maybe years. For Baptists and Presbyterians and Pentecostals and Anglicans — this one's for us."
Practical Theology
"The book is a joy to read, not only for its rich insights on growing up in Christ, but for the beauty of its prose. . . . This book is a magnificent finish to Peterson's tour de force in spiritual theology."
Congregational Libraries Today
"This is essential reading for students of the New Testament and for church leaders ready for a refresher course in Christian life."
Trinity Journal
"Those who have already been mentored through Peterson's prolific writing will doubtless welcome this newest addition to their collections. Those who have not yet encountered his books will find a worthy introduction in this volume on growing up in Christ."
"Peterson is a poet, a master of words, and speaks in constant metaphor. . . . When I take Peterson's work in bite-sized pieces, a rich reward results every time."