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Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation
POD; Published: 3/9/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-2958-0
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212 Pages
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The last few decades have seen a revolution in debates about the rationality of Christian belief. Among the array of current options for justifying religious belief, however, nearly every one assumes that a general theory of knowing and a minimal version of theism must be adopted before the rationality of Christian belief can be tackled.

In Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation William J. Abraham confronts both of these assumptions, arguing that epistemology must begin with its particular target of inquiry -- in Abraham's case the full-blooded "canonical theism" of the early, undivided Christian church. He argues, moreover, that special divine revelation forms a crucial threshold at the entrance to the epistemology of Christian belief. Sure to intrigue philosophers, theologians, and curious students, Abraham's robust vision of Christian faith provides a creative solution to many of the current difficulties in philosophy and theology.

Thomas D. Sullivan
— University of St. Thomas
"For over twenty years William Abraham has led the way in developing an analytical epistemology of revelation. In Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation he now brings into full view several theses that challenge all of us — philosophers and theologians, believers and unbelievers — to free ourselves from the standard assumptions obscuring vision of the warrants for 'canonical theism,' the Christianity that flourished before the great schism. Even on a second reading, I find on nearly every page of this strikingly original work new things to reflect upon as a philosopher and fresh reasons to deepen my love of the God who has revealed himself in the person of Jesus the Christ."
William Hasker
— Huntington College
"Building upon his earlier Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology, William Abraham sets out his own vision of religious epistemology. This vision has certain commonalities with Reformed epistemology yet also differs significantly from that view. Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation may offer a way forward for theology; it deserves a close reading and careful evaluation."
Sandra Menssen
— coauthor of The Agnostic Inquirer
"In lucid and engaging prose Abraham takes up a series of questions regarding the epistemology of revelation, along the way illuminating the infinitely rich heavenly gift that Christians had held intact until the great schism — the 'canonical theism' of the undivided Christian church. It is a rare philosopher or theologian indeed who could write a book so knowledgeable about Christianity, so sensitive to its ideals and practices, and so attuned to the demands of contemporary analytical philosophy."
Religious Studies Review
"Abraham's scholarship is enviably impressive, it is never dreary nor heavy-handed. . . For those interested in the relationship of revelation and faith, this eloquently written volume is both philosophically perceptive and theologically thought provoking."
"An original, nontechnical defense of canonical theism. Recommended."
Theological Book Review
"The book is a treasure. . . The epistemic consequences of crossing the threshold of divine revelation are presented more clearly here than I have ever encountered elsewhere."